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Welcome to Seednapse, where we harness the potential of Artificial Intelligence to revolutionize the way businesses operate.

Our expertise

At Seednapse, the focus is on AI mastery. With expertise in MLOps, DevOps, Cloud Engineering, and Software Engineering, Seednapse delivers cutting-edge solutions that drive success across a wide range of industries.


AI-Assisted Knowledge Interfaces

We employ cutting-edge AI technology to create intelligent interfaces, facilitating real-time, efficient access to your business-critical information.

These interfaces understand natural language queries, providing answers based on your own data sources like:

📄 Documents

💽 Databases

⚙️ APIs

In this way, we enable non-technical users to access data, thereby boosting productivity, accelerating decision-making, and enhancing your business's competitive edge.

Intelligent Process Automation

Automate a wide range of business processes, leading to significant efficiency improvements in your organization.

We'll analyze, learn, and replicate complex operations using AI-powered pipelines, freeing up your staff for more strategic tasks. We can automate:

💬 Customer service management

🔍 Data extraction from complex texts

📝 Content generation

Enhance operational efficiency, increase accuracy in tasks, improve customer service, and boost your company productivity.


Chatbot development

Customized chatbots powered by advanced AI, designed to interact with users and process information using your own sources of documentation and information.

Text parsing & data extraction

Uncovering valuable insights and information from unstructured text, enabling businesses to make data-driven decisions.


Harnessing the capabilities of state-of-the-art language models to generate human-like text, and analyze text data, at scale.

Prompt engineering

We work with you to provide AI integration and support, ensuring seamless AI adoption and ongoing optimization for long-term success.

AI agents

The future of task automation: Agents are pieces of software that use AI to perform very complex tasks independently.

Artificial Intelligence is the most powerful tool humans have invented. If you don't use this tool, then you can not compete.

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